Andrea Crews

Andrea Crews

Interview Miss Kittin x Andrea Crews

Andrea Crews invited musician/artist Miss Kittin to make its April playlist, for the month of TRANSPERSONA. LISTEN HERE The opportunity for us to interview the French artist and understand her relationship with creation.

Can you introduce yourself in a few words ?

I am a musician, vocalist, DJ, in electronic music since 1993.

Tell us three words which describe your world ?


What does inspire you ?

What I hear, see, feel, read : everywhere.  Also my friends, nature, space, metaphysics, quantum physics, human issues…

Can you tell us about this playlist selection ?

I chose tracks that reflect the transformation we are going through, even in the titles of the tracks. They all have an organic, futuristic energy in common, some are classics for me, others I discovered for this playlist.

What’s your best memory as an artist ?

I can’t answer that question… But bringing a song to life in the studio is the ultimate moment of grace.

What’s your vision of fashion as a musician ?

I look at it as a form of expression and creation, but as a musician I make sure that it doesn’t overshadow the message of the music.

Are there any similarities between the two disciplines for you ?

Obviously, both allow you to express your vision of the world, your commitments, who you are. The other common point is the dimension of costume, playing with one’s image, of entering into a character.

How would you define your relationship with fashion ? How do you select what you wear ?

Healthily distant. It’s the anthropological and sociological aspect of fashion that interests me: it’s the reflection of an era. The vision, the approach of the designer and its impact on the street is fascinating. Since I no longer live in the city, far from the gaze of others, fashion has practically disappeared from my daily life. In my public activity, I have to be as presentable as my creativity, especially as a woman. So I choose good quality, easy-care clothes that are practical for travelling, moving and dancing. I mix basics with strong pieces. I look for unisex, color block, graphic pieces and dresses with a strong identity, always according to my morphology, I don’t try on clothes. Of course, today it’s important to consume self-consciously, to avoid fast fashion as much as possible. I buy a lot of second hand pieces on the internet and I’ve sold a lot of my wardrobe in the last years.

What is your favourite item at the moment ?

A vintage American XXL teddy, bought in a thrift store in the US while touring with The Hacker in 2006. I recently re-customised it with patches collected during my travels.

In a few words, how would you define Andrea Crews ?

A pioneering up-cycling brand, not pretentious, with a strong visual identity. As strong as its commitment to all aspects of our society. We wear more than a garment.

What are your plans for 2021 ?

A new album with The Hacker, the third. And back on the road to clubs and festivals as soon as possible…
Miss Kittin & The Hacker, Lost Tracks Vol.1, 2015 (Dark Entries Records)
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